Our Approach - Transformation

Our approach to development is different. We do not believe that demolition and new build is always the right answer.

At 81 Newgate Street we can achieve all the same benefits from a new build through a major transformation of the existing building, while delivering a significant reduction in many of the environmental impacts associated with a full demolition and redevelopment scheme.

Our approach for 81 Newgate Street would:

  • Transform the existing dated 1980s office building into a dynamic, mixed use building that will be a world class addition to the city streetscape
  • Ensure that the local setting and views of the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral are respected and improved
  • Open up the ground floor, creating greater permeability and link to the Culture Mile, creating a new pedestrian ‘Street’ through the site, available for use by the public
  • Deliver a comprehensive offer to the City with experiential retail, culture and leisure on ground and lower ground floor levels and a free, publicly accessible roof terrace with stunning views of St Paul’s and the City
  • Enhance the area’s night time and weekend economy and reflect the City of London Corporation’s own vision for a 24/7 City
  • Provide new world class office space promoting the City of London in a post Brexit world
  • Deliver a more environmentally friendly and sustainable building than a ‘traditional’ redevelopment